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ABM Leaders Webinar : “Revenue Attribution & Business Leader Communication”

Completed on July 9, 2020 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Come hear ABM Leaders as they discuss and debate best practices related to such topics as Revenue Attribution, Goals and Incentives Modification, and Coordination with Key Business Stakeholders.

You will hear us discuss, among other things:

  • Changing Milestones and Measurement Criteria – What matters, and what doesn’t?
  •  Harder Metrics vs. Softer Approach – The amplified importance of empathy and trust to drive revenue.
  • Personalization Across Touchpoints – The messaging across marketing channels need to be tweaked with a personalized flavor to strike the right chord with leads across the journey.
  • Segmentation and Filteration throughout the Funnel – Smart differentiation between intent and interest to avoid misinterpretation, over-representation, unequal attention, or mislead efforts.
  • Consistency and Efforts – What matters in these uncertain times is having a consistent approach towards the entire attribution process measuring leads correctly over a period of time.

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Bob Samuels Co-Founder at TechConnectr

Bob Samuels, Co-Founder at TechConnectr


Matt Levine VP at Kingpin Communications

Matt Levine, VP, West Coast, at Kingpin Communications

leslie alore director regional marketing at iron mountain

Leslie Alore, Director Regional Marketing at Iron Mountain

nick robinson Digital Demand Generation Director North America at SAP

Nick Robinson, Digital Demand Generation Director North America at SAP

Sabrina (Mehrok) Galati Marketing and Advertising Executive at Tenx4

Sabrina Galati, Marketing and Advertising Executive at Tenx4

Jason Gladu President at Avani Media, LLC

Jason Gladu President at Avani Media, LLC

Eric Newell Vice President, ABM + Demand Management at MeritDirect

Eric Newell, Vice President, ABM + Demand Management at MeritDirect

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