We are Passionate About Creating Double-Mitzvahs for Our Clients and Partners 

TechConnectr thrives on four pillars of success –awareness, trust, support, and transparency. We believe in establishing long-term client relationships built on the strong foundation of realistic and achievable expectations. With our strong
market knowledge, experience, and network, we assist you in unleashing your maximum potential by tapping the unexplored business landscape.

In today’s dynamic market, finding the right vendor is cumbersome – but we are here to make this journey seamless for you. TechConnectr’s experienced team abides by its promise of providing comprehensive support to clients – focusing on client business landscape and expectations. The entire support process is guided by a well-drafted Scope of Work (SOW) defining the “Success Criteria” agreed upon by both parties.

Based on the understanding of the client requirement and pain-points, we use our elaborate network, market knowledge, experience, and discernment to approach the most-suited vendors/solution providers/companies. Once we sense equilibrium or a probable match between two parties – we schedule for explicit knowledge transfer session to ensure clear expectation settings.

Our partners are not only our priority but also our responsibility, and we leave no stone unturned to deliver guaranteed client satisfaction and quality. We follow strict policies of minimum five leads test run and also a pilot kick-off. Complete hand-holding throughout the process is offered with daily pricing reviews –packed up with regular feedbacks.

Along with our robust marketplace and impeccable services, we, the TechConnectr family, offer to add value to your business. So, let’s walk together to make this journey more smooth, unified, assured, transparent, and perfect for you!