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What is TechConnectr?

TechConnectr is an innovative solution designed to meet the challenges of B2B lead generation. 

TechConnectr brings to you a B2B Lead Gen Orchestration Platform, a Transparent Best-of-Breed B2B Lead Gen Marketplace and End-to-End B2B Lead Gen Solutions. 

We aspire to be the first choice for all your B2B Lead Generation requirements!

Bob Samuels Co-Founder at TechConnectr

Meet Bob Samuels

The Founder of TechConnectr

You probably already know me as the principal of TechConnectr, a B2B performance marketing advisory firm. But what you might not know is that I’m also a “rainmaker” and sales-enabler in the B2B targeted marketing ecosystem—in fact, I work with agencies, enterprise marketers, publishers, channel partners, and predictive and data players (oh my!). I’m respected in the B2B lead gen world for my analytics and for “playing well in the sandbox”, developing synergistic relationships. 

You might also know me for my infectious enthusiasm, my CFO’s acumen (yes, I’m CEO too!), and my analyst’s curiosity and skills.

Why TechConnectr?


Increase ROI

Increase your average order size by identifying new leads and growing your pipeline.

Save Time and Money

Find the best lead gen solutions at a discounted rate and save thousands on cost per lead.

Backed by Technology

TechConnectr uses a Proprietary Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence platform that finds the right leads for your sales team by analyzing thousands of data points to prepare them for a 1-1 sales call.

The Perfect Blend

A unique blend of data, technology and strategies that powers B2B lead generation campaigns.

Ability to build and own

Built to help agencies, solutions providers and marketers with their B2B Lead gen challenges ranging from generating leads to analyzing performance in real-time.