Video and Social Media Marketing to the Rescue!

Video has certainly been a great friend during the pandemic – proving out to be one of the best outreach strategies. The explosion in terms of YouTube usage has attested to the worth of video marketing as a great storytelling medium. The audience is there, and so it is “the platform” offering maximum opportunities for brand building in the current situation.

 It’s not the only solution but is part of the mix which can together create brand awareness and clarify the brand purpose. A lot of companies have relied on jargons to humanize and clarify their messaging – but videos have proven out to be the best and the most straightforward option available.

 Branding is hard to measure a lot of times as there’s no ROI as such, but engagement through video marketing is obviously much preferable.  The impact of video is undeniable, but it needs to be appropriately used as part of the mix. Video marketing plays a significant role – helping the companies to move forward along with the demand generation efforts seamlessly. It’s increasingly crucial to spend more time on the virtual platforms and realize the value of full-funnel paid organic marketing. These platforms are great for testing the effectiveness of any marketing strategy and how it connects with the audience – before investing hugely in other bigger platforms.

 Other than Youtube, social media marketing has also risen to popularity during the global lockdown. The time spent on these platforms has shot up exponentially, so they deserve a fraction of attention as well. Video and social media marketing can together strengthen marketers to resolve the issues in a more real-time manner.

 Also, video marketing is much more measurable in terms of search optimization, number of visitors, visitor engagement, etc. Staying connected with customers through regular Linkedln posts or YouTube videos seems like a much more realistic, applicable, and better approach as compared to the other traditional marketing tools. These channels not only increase engagement but also ensure more prompt responses to customer expectations and queries.