Idea quoted by Anamika Gupta, Director, Head of Account Based Marketing at Fujitsu America : Reverse Marketing – Let the Clients Approach You vs. You Chasing them!

Anamika Gupta Director & Head of Account Based Marketing at Fujitsu America

Reverse marketing has revived to limelight during the current pandemic. Reverse marketing in case of account-based marketing refers to – learning all about the client first and then accordingly employ the most relevant marketing activities. The focus should be on knowing the clients and their preferences pretty well – cut through the noise to grab the deserved attention.

Reverse marketing offers novelty to clients. The market is down and to ensure that the clients acknowledge your efforts – stop chasing them and focus on reverse marketing.

Understanding the now, near, and far priorities of clients will help know what they seek currently. Highlighting the pain points and resolving the immediate challenges faced by the customers – should fuel and drive all present-day marketing efforts. The marketing strategies should be based on understanding the client personas and craft the messaging around it. Once you get hold of the customer pain point – infuse it naturally into the marketing messages.

Such effective reverse marketing will ensure that clients approach you instead of you chasing them. And, that is precisely what the businesses need right now to survive the struggles of this newly evolving COVID market.