No Bluff Promises to Drive Sales in the Pandemic

Marketers need to lay the recovery and growth foundation for clients focusing on their current needs at this point in time. Companies at the moment are talking about business continuity, work from home, and other COVID challenges – it’s become like wallpaper to showcase that each company is currently empathetic. And, delivering a differentiated message is crucial but extremely challenging – keeping agility at the focal point.

 Every brand is saying, “we understand,” “we’re all in this together,” because that absolutely is the trend across probably every industry. Brands need to demonstrate other unique buying proposition to ensure that demonstrated empathy actually seems authentic and realistic to customers.

In case the words or promises made and not put to action – the damage to the brand could be unimaginably grave. Ensure that what you are showing up and highlighting – is exactly what you’re bringing to life in this pandemic to humanize all the marketing communication. No extra, unrealistic promises should be made that could probably not be fulfilled in the future.