Vendor Management Platform

Reduce Operational Expenses, Enhance Profitability, Create Efficiencies, and Automate Processes

With our all inclusive B2B Vendor Management Suite

What’s in it for you?

Establish Goals

Send out RFQ Bids for Vendors

Vendor Selection

Define Vendor Terms

Vendor Performance Management

Vendor Renewal/Termination and/or Vendor Shuffling

Everything you need to manage your Vendor Relationships

TC’s Vendor Management Platform is a one-stop-shop for all your B2B sourcing needs – from a full Outsourcing services arm that includes vendor benchmarking, proposal generation, executive briefing, negotiations and handovers for resourcing; to vendor performance analysis.

We Create Fully Connected Vendor Recommendation and Identification(Best-of-Breed)

Vendor selection can make or break your B2B outsourcing. We can help.


  • As a tightly-knit team of business advisors, analysts and certified technology experts, we are here to help you assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your technology infrastructure – including hardware, software and services. 
  • We only work with trusted vendors, each of which have gone through a rigorous vetting process to confirm their quality and trustworthiness. 
  • Our vendor matching service ensures that you’ll never have to dig through numerous vendor profiles to find the best one for your project.
  • We specialize in identifying a vendor who will “play well” with current and future systems, be there when needed, meet strategic business objectives and make the end user experience positive. And we work with you every step of the way; from initial discovery all the way through implementation.
Get Started

Vendor Selection and Introduction

Get matched with custom-vetted B2B vendors 

  • Whether you’re looking for a payment processing solution, sales enablement tool or help with customer success analytics, B2B vendor selection can be a complex process. 
  • Select an industry, then use our interactive form to tell us what you’re looking for. 
  • We’ll get your project off the ground within 48 hours by connecting you with custom-vetted vendors that deliver exactly what you need.
  • We help you save time reviewing custom-vetted B2B vendors. They are prescreened and have been successfully used by other customers.

Vendor Switching / Reallocations

Switch to a new vendor with ease

  • Ease your transition to a more consumer-like vendor experience with our Vendor Switching Service. Within days, we’ll have your new source up and running, making it possible for you to switch seamlessly with limited interruption to your business.
  • The TC platform helps B2B lead gen make more informed vendor-switching decisions through a comparison of purchasing experiences. 
  • Our platform benefits businesses by enabling them to learn about their competitors, understand their customer’s expectations, and improve their own digital experience in order to win more business and build stronger relationships with their customers.
  • At TechConnectr, we have an “insider’s view” of the digital trends influencing the evolution of business today, and can help you make it happen.

Vendor Performance Analytics

Manage, evaluate, and compare vendor performance

  • Our Vendor Performance Analytics platform uses real-time data to seamlessly identify, track, and report vendor performance.
  • It is a leading resource in helping organizations manage, evaluate, and compare their outsourcers, strategic partners, and other vendors. 
  • With visibility into multiple key vendor metrics and a deep understanding of the services purchased by your company, TC helps you choose highly qualified providers who meet your standards.
  • It provides industry-leading reporting and forecasting capabilities to help you maintain continuous compliance with industry standards, manage risks and increase service levels.

Leverage the most powerful B2B Vendor Management Suite

End-to-end vendor management, intelligent automation & optimized reporting

Arsenal of Services

Book a vendor briefing, run a vendor benchmarking report, generate proposals and handovers, negotiate with vendors and accept or reject the final contract offer.

One Powerful Dashboard

Better visibility into what’s happening with your vendors at any given moment.

Measure Performance 

Track everything from documentation and invoicing to quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Save Time and Money

With an integrated system like this one, you’ll be able to automate most of these tasks so they take less time while still being effective (and saving money).

Business Intelligence

Collaborative business intelligence, data collection & sharing with built-in analytics, mapping and vendor selection tools.

Embedded Analytics

It is embedded with industry best practices including built-in visualizations, reporting and analytics.

Enforce Compliance 

Enforcing compliance with a vendor management system will ensure that no one is allowed to slink through the cracks and create errors or delays in the process.

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