Getting high-quality leads is every business’s goal. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to get high-quality leads. According to Ruler Analytics’ Marketing Attribution and Reporting Analysis 2021, nearly 37.1% of marketers say they find it challenging to find high-quality leads. This problem must be taken care of because if left unchecked, this can impact business negatively.

There would be large targets set by B2B enterprises to overcome the challenges faced during lead generation, and TechConnectr helps you solve those challenges. We help b2b lead generation companies to increase sales by bringing them face-to-face with potential partners and clients:

Common Challenges in delivering B2B Campaign Results

  • Keeping the target prospects engaged

Making the target prospects engage is the most important challenge in b2b lead generation efforts. If the prospected targets are not kept engaged, there will be no result from the campaign, which would result in moving out of business. 

  • Taking ROI from marketing efforts

Many marketers in b2b lead generation would feel the pressure to get more ROI through their marketing efforts. The difficulties become more prominent when marketers use more channels for marketing purposes.

This would result in marketers not knowing which KPIs would be important for the client’s success as they would not have measured KPIs.

  • Developing the content marketing strategy

Developing a content marketing strategy is important in b2b lead generation, be it on social media marketing or another marketing strategy. However, today developing a content marketing strategy is an important challenge faced by many businesses.

Content plays a very crucial role in marketing, and without proper and relevant content, the reach and leads will be negligible, resulting in business loss.

TechConnectr is able to provide actionable intelligence regarding the popularity of different assets with different target audiences and buying stages (for instance C-level prospects tend to favor certain assets while specifically C-level prospects in Europe may favor certain assets vs C-level prospects in Australia.

Benefits of Partnering with TechConnectr

TechConnectr will have a clear understanding of the current engagement model that brings results in b2b lead generation. It includes understanding various types of leads and the nuances in their pricing, communication, lead lifecycle, and strategies for lead generation.

TechConnectr will identify the success criteria for each campaign, as well as focus on the desired lead definition. Also, it records the campaign’s specifications, costs, delivery schedules, and any unique or specialized needs. A special focus would be given to underperforming campaigns for various B2b lead gen channels.

TechConnectr’s team of experts can provide support and guidance to maximize the outcomes of the campaign outcomes. Through their platform, a business can get to show the marketing executives their skills and expertise.

Once you choose TechConnectr for b2b lead generation, you will get an expert to advice from a team of experts resulting in high-quality leads and boosting the ROI.

Real-World Examples of TechConnectr’s Success

A client from leading cloud security software that ranks risks and legal compliance issues across an entire estate of cloud services got TechConnectr services. To streamline and improve marketing initiatives for their B2B Cyber Security Client’s sales team, TechConnectr, and Strategic Media, the client’s media agency, worked together.

The goal of the client and agency was to create a streamlined flow of 10,000+ highly-targeted and engaged sales prospects. The campaign specifications and roll-out to the various publishers and solution providers were discussed.

Prior to sending secured files to the customer on a weekly basis, TechConnectr would check and verify the leads to ensure the best quality. Campaigns could be optimized using performance analysis by assets, vendors, and outreach techniques. The result of this b2b lead gen campaign was that the client reported, on average, 43% of the campaign’s leads had the highest lead scores.

Final Thoughts

If your campaigns are not performing well or you are struggling to handle the burden, TechConnectr can step in and support you to solve b2b lead gen challenges. Find out the advantages of working with TechConnectr to manage your campaigns.

You can also understand how the team of professionals can offer the knowledge and assistance to maximize your B2B lead generation.