During this pandemic, many B2B companies are focused on converting their limited existing pipeline while taking the foot off the “accelerator” in terms of building net new pipeline opportunities. Ironically, many prospects may be more available to research solutions than ever due to remote work models.

Potential discussion sub-topics:
1.     What change in executive mindset have you seen at your company/clients/prospects in response to this pandemic/crisis?  Brake – Deer-in-Headlights – Accelerator
2.     What have you noticed in terms of your or your clients’/prospects’ availability/intent during this new WFH model?
3.     What are the driving factors with regard to engagement and dis-engagement challenges?
4.     Are sales teams afraid to sell now?  Are they be encouraged not to sell?  How are they incentivized during this period?
5.     How should companies change their approach during a pandemic, how does empathy and emotionally sales & marketing play into this?
6.     What are examples of successful Net New Prospect Meetings in coordination between marketing and sales?