Master ABM with AI on Live webinar – Candid with Bob

Are you ready to take your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Account-Based Experience (ABX) efforts to the next level? TechConnectr is back with another insightful webinar that’s ought to boost your knowledge and add a feather to your marketing strategies. Join us for “Candid with Bob – Advantages and Pitfalls of Harnessing AI Power in ABM/ABX” featuring none other than Leslie Alore along with Bob Samuels, Melanie Kennedy, Jeff Pedowitz and Sean Marks.

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In this exciting event, you’ll get a chance to stand face to face with AI and its role in shaping the future of ABM/ABX. But before we spill the beans on what to expect, let’s introduce our esteemed guests who will be leading the charge:

Meet Our Esteemed Guest: Leslie Cocco Alore

Leslie Alore is the Global Vice President of Growth Marketing at Ivanti, and she’s dedicated to enlightening us about the strategies for smoothly integrating AI and ML into your ABM/ABX endeavors. With her passion for data-driven decision-making, Leslie is set to reveal AI’s true potential in marketing.

Under her expert guidance, you’ll gain insights into how Ivanti has streamlined its marketing performance and united its marketing and sales teams around a cohesive ABM strategy. Get ready to pick the brain of a seasoned professional who has truly mastered the art of growth marketing.

Co-Hosts: A Panel of Sharp B2B Marketers

But that’s not all! A stellar team of co-hosts, each with their unique expertise from the B2B world too would be discussing how we can leverage AI for our ABM/ABX strategies.

Bob Samuels, CEO, TechConnectrOur all time favourite, Bob will be our co-host for this webinar. His expertise spans across agencies, enterprise marketers, publishers, channel partners, and predictive and data players. Known for his “connectr” reputation, Bob is your go-to guy for all things B2B performance marketing.

Sean Markin, Marketing ConsultantSean Markin is all about innovation, and his journey started as early as the age of 5 when he envisioned the world-changing potential of steam power. Today, he’s focused on “leapfrog innovation,” driving massive changes rather than incremental improvements. His insights will open your eyes to the endless possibilities of AI in marketing.

Melanie Kennedy, Owner, Strategic Media LLCMelanie brings a wealth of experience in media strategy across various client categories in both B2B and B2C. She specializes in B2B channels and is an expert in digital and traditional media planning, buying, and optimization. Her expertise will shed light on the power of AI in media strategy.

Jeff Pedowitz, CEO, The Pedowitz GroupJeff’s journey started in the restaurant industry but quickly shifted towards technology when he received a Commodore 64. Today, he’s a wizard when it comes to AI and technology. With years of experience, Jeff travels the world, teaching companies how to build better marketing organizations and drive repeatable, predictable, and scalable revenue. His insights are invaluable.

So, what can you expect from this live webinar?

You’ll learn how to amplify paid media on new-sell, cross-sell, renewal, and retention with AI/ML tools. This is your chance to explore both the benefits and challenges of leveraging AI in ABM/ABX, and it’s an event you simply can’t afford to skip! Let Bob, Leslie, Melanie, Jeff, and Sean lead you on this thrilling expedition, where you’ll unearth the potential of AI to revolutionize your marketing strategies. Be prepared to be motivated, educated, and invigorated as you embark on the journey to embrace AI’s role in the future of marketing.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. Join us for “Candid with Bob – Advantages and Pitfalls of Harnessing AI Power in ABM/ABX.” Register now, and let’s embark on a remarkable journey together!