Account-based marketing (ABM) is a powerful strategy for B2B companies looking to target high-value accounts with personalized campaigns. By focusing on specific accounts, businesses can create tailored experiences that resonate deeply with potential clients. 


Here, we explore five real-life ABM marketing campaigns that demonstrate the power of this approach, offering inspiration for your own B2B account-based marketing efforts.


1. LiveRamp: Driving $50M in Annual Revenue


LiveRamp, a data enablement platform, sought to move away from traditional marketing approaches and focus on high-value targets. They aimed to generate substantial revenue by leveraging a precise account-based marketing strategy focusing on Fortune 500 companies.



LiveRamp executed a multi-touch campaign including:

  • Touch 1: Targeted advertising on platforms frequented by their target accounts.
  • Touch 2: Lead capture devices like gated content to collect prospect information.
  • Touch 3: Marketing emails to nurture leads.
  • Touch 4: SDRs making the first phone call to qualify leads.
  • Touch 5: Sending personalized gifts to key decision-makers.




By aligning their sales and marketing efforts and focusing on personalized, multi-channel engagement, LiveRamp successfully drove over $50M in annual revenue from these targeted accounts.



2. Dialpad: Bridging Sales and Marketing


Dialpad, an AI-powered cloud communications platform, needed a cohesive strategy to unify their sales and marketing teams. They wanted to remove the operational silos and ensure both teams worked together seamlessly to enhance their ABM efforts.



  • Integration of Teams: Sales and marketing teams shared a common view of target accounts, enabling smarter conversations.
  • Activity-Based Alerts: Demandbase provided real-time alerts to sales reps about lead activities.
  • Customized Content: Marketing supported sales with personalized content throughout the buyer’s journey.



This integrated approach led to higher engagement rates and improved conversions, as sales reps could make informed, warm calls based on detailed activity insights.


3. GumGum: Personalized Content to Close Deals

GumGum, a contextual intelligence platform, faced the challenge of engaging key stakeholders at large enterprises. They realized the need to go beyond traditional methods and create highly personalized experiences that would stand out.



  • Understanding Interests: GumGum identified specific interests of key stakeholders, such as John Legere, then-CEO of T-Mobile, known for his love of Batman.
  • Creative Outreach: They created a custom comic book featuring Legere as the hero, capturing his attention and creating a memorable impression.



This creative, personalized approach helped GumGum secure a contract with T-Mobile, showcasing the power of tailored content in ABM.


4. Auth0: Structured Rollout of ABM Programs

Auth0, a secure access and authentication platform, aimed to implement ABM systematically to ensure long-term success. They needed a structured rollout to adapt their teams gradually and maximize the impact of their efforts.



  • Pilot Program: They began with SDRs and MDRs targeting specific regions.
  • Using 6sense: The platform provided insights into target account engagement.
  • Gradual Expansion: After initial success, they expanded the program globally, involving more teams.



Auth0 generated over $3M in pipeline within the first six weeks of the pilot, proving the effectiveness of a methodical rollout of ABM strategies.


5. DocuSign: Tripling Homepage Conversions

DocuSign, a leader in electronic signature solutions, wanted to enhance engagement and conversion rates on their website. They identified the need for a personalized, account-based approach to attract and retain high-value clients.



  • Targeted Advertising: They used Demandbase’s Company-Targeted Advertising to attract enterprise clients.
  • Content: DocuSign implemented personalized homepages with industry-specific testimonials and optimized free trial forms.



These efforts led to:

  • 1 million impressions delivered.
  • 59% of targeted companies visiting the DocuSign site.
  • A 22% increase in the sales pipeline for targeted industries.
  • Tripled click-through rates on the homepage.



These five inspiring ABM campaigns demonstrate the power of targeted, personalized marketing in driving significant business results. By understanding and addressing the specific needs of high-value accounts, companies can create more meaningful engagements and foster long-term relationships. To replicate this success in your B2B account-based marketing:


  • Define Ideal Accounts: Clearly identify and prioritize high-value accounts based on detailed criteria.
  • Create Multi-Touch Campaigns: Use a mix of advertising, personalized content, and direct outreach.
  • Align Sales and Marketing: Ensure both teams work closely together with a shared view of target accounts.
  • Use Data and AI: Use advanced tools to gather insights and refine targeting.
  • Personalize Content: Go beyond generic messaging to create tailored experiences that resonate with individual accounts.


By implementing these strategies, your brand can achieve greater engagement, higher conversions, and sustained business growth.

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