TC Managed Services and Lead Orchestration/Quality Assurance – Cyber Security



TechConnectr (TC) teamed-up with Client’s media agency, Strategic Media ( SM) to streamline and optimize marketing programs that would generate net new qualified, verified, and validated prospects and elevate key accounts/opportunities toward conversion for their B2B Cyber Security Client’s sales team. 



Key messaging, calls-to-action, and target audiences, down to acceptable titles at targeted ABM prospect companies were identified and agreed-upon with the client. An extra emphasis in specific US regions was requested.

A total of 10 publishers and aggregators/VARs – some of the top in the industry – were utilized to generate 10,000+ qualified sales prospects.  TC was honored to be chosen as a new supplier to test against the others.



SM managed the entire campaign planning and execution and client relationship.

SM utilized TC’s lead management services & platform to manage and optimize quarterly lead gen campaign processing and delivery – sourced from the various content syndication providers.



  • The Client and Agency’s objective was the development of a streamlined flow of 10,000+ highly-targeted & engaged sales prospects that the sales team could depend on as qualified and accurate. 
  • The Client wanted a simplified and flexible consolidated campaign agreement and payment process.
  • The key relationships were the Agency, TC, and the operations head of the 10 engaged solution providers. 



  • TC and SM met to strategize regarding the campaign specs and roll-out to the various publishers and solution providers (Providers)
      1. A 2-touch/content download model was incorporated to help deliver more engaged sales prospects- where leads were not passed until they had downloaded or viewed 2 pieces of content. 
      2. A maximum number of leads per target prospect-account was set.
  • TC’s account manager (TCAM) was assigned and was made responsible for communicating the media plan and campaign specs to the Providers and for training them regarding use of the TC leads platform.
  • TC drafted and presented insertion order (IO) agreements with the client covering services for most of the solution providers and separate agreements between TC and each provider.   This enabled the presentation and payment of a single consolidated invoice to cover TC’s fees plus a half-dozen other providers.
  • TC vetted & engaged the TC Marketplace vendors assigned to the program.
  • Special ABM and regional targeting as well as specific title & geography-targeting  was employed by all providers.
  • Suppression lists of existing customer accounts and email addresses that had already been delivered during previous campaigns were suppressed to optimize spend toward increasing net new names.  Suppression lists were updated weekly to ensure constant flow of net new leads.. 
  • On a weekly basis, TC would ‘scrub’ (validate, verify, & dedupe) the leads to ensure highest quality before forwarding protected prospect files to the client.  The verification checks included offline phone and internet research to confirm the accuracy and connectivity of the prospects at the stated companies.
  • Summary performance by provider was delivered weekly along with the prospect files.  
  • Providers would receive immediate feedback if the leads do not match the ABM list of target accounts or if the qualification criteria was not met upon upload of the leads. Offline verification feedback was provided sometime later so the providers could rectify or replace as appropriate.
  • Performance analysis by assets, vendors, and outreach methods was made available to optimise campaigns.



  • The client reported that an average 43% of the leads from the campaign received the highest lead score.



  • The client cited this media campaign as one of the most successful ever run by the company as it drove more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) in a shorter period of time than any marketing channel used throughout the year.   



  • New management came in at Client and brought in their agency they used previously. 
    • After one quarter, Client came back to SM/TC.  The client stated they valued and missed the quality and service SM//TC provided.
  • The test of TC as a lead source was a nice success.  TC was identified as a top ROI performer and was rewarded this past quarter with an increased allocation and increased scope of deliverables