Interview with Nicky Briggs

Research Director at Forrester

Nicky Briggs Research Director at Forrester

Interview Highlights:

  • ABM =  Special Treatment for Valuable Accounts
  • Insight gathering – customized approaches
  • ABM Technology Enabling – at scale
  • Top Quartile ABM Performers:
    • Similar tactics as other marketers but
    • Higher budgets/more commitment/executive sponsorship/dedicated leader
    • 3x more likely to customize content
    • Accounts have more engagement – with the right people, at the right time
    • Intent Monitoring – listening to Trigger events
    • Customized content for account and personas
    • Measurement – revenue-based metrics.  Accelerate the pipeline. 
  • Buyer-Centric approach
  • Demand Unit Waterfall
  • AI Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Hyper-Personalization
  • Atomization of Content – modularize personalization