hipb2b is a demand generation agency and contact data provider

HIPB2B is a leading demand generation agency and demand data provider. HIPB2B was founded in 2009, and within a decade, they have grown to a level where they’ve earned themselves accounts like Aberdeen, Kronos, Marketo, Tealium, LogMeIn, Dude Solutions, and many more. With a uniquely fine-tuned and sophisticated funnelling process, HIPB2B brings to you nothing but the best fit, so as to maximise conversion of leads generated. Their expertise lies in various sectors – from healthcare to finance, from marketing to retail, and beyond. Their solutions have helped clients like Google, Microsoft, Dell, IBM and other renowned companies to forever raise the bar and set higher standards. HIPB2B gives end-to-end solutions, with a wide range of personalisation – they can supplement and improve your on-going or planned campaigns, or design one for you. With a contact database of 28 million records, HIPB2B can take you to the doorsteps of the perfect buyer. We are proud to associate with HIPB2B.