Techconnectr: Rainmakers in the B2B and Marketing Industry

Marketing techniques has come to be the mantra to a successful business these days. Every business irrespective to its immensity, have the occasion to arrogate the marketing principles in order to trade their services and build long lasting connections with the right set of audience. To make the procedure simpler and more comprehensible the strategy is segregated into business to customer and business-to- business marketing. Both work towards establishing and strengthening the bond with the customers. While B2C solely focuses on reaching out to the common or rather targeted people, B2B keeps its mind on winning the proclivity of the experienced and professional clients who are concerned about the quality and productivity of the services.

Lately, B2B marketing has pulled all the attention of both big and small businesses existing in the ecosystem. As the name suggests, this set of tactics has succoured enterprises to grow and operate effectively, meeting all intents and purposes. Organizations on the other hand are dedicatedly incorporating this trend to meet their selling and promoting objectives. On the contrary, along with positive strands this segment is also loaded with few negative attributes which is slowly but surely waning its capabilities. These loopholes were descried by two industry doyens, AnupritOrse and Bob Samuels who proposed to figure out the cause of the encumbrances and map out effective provisions to decipher the same. Adhering to this, they brought into being TechConnectr a one stop and unique platform that houses best of breed B2B marketers, agencies, publishers and B2B lead generation providers.

The story of its Origin

The geneses of the company took place over a generic discussion concerning the collapsing state of the marketing industry and the opportune space created by lead gens over the years. The conversation turned about a resolution where Anuprit and Bob decided to evaluate the catch 22 situations prevailing in this space, minister them with well founded and befitting solutions which eventually led to the setting up of Techconnectr eventually. “It is a true fact that B2B marketing segment is prosperous and expedites economic growth. It is one of the highest revenue generating industries too. But the unseen problems mainly the gap between the providers and the receivers are hampering the overall operations. So I and Bob, banded together to understand the needs and requirements of the companies and develop an appropriate mannerism in which marketing programs can be executed,” states Anuprit, COO & Co-Founder TechConnectr.

The reason of initiating Techconnectr was to bring a variation within the domain and establish a platform that could fulfil this rift and at the same time mitigate the risk of finding and dealing with new partnerships. Intrinsically, the whole concept of the Techconnector is to provide a two-way platform where the exchanges of services are made easy and uncomplicated. It is a massive podium that stages lead gen producers, media companies, enterprises, buyers and sellers.”Everyone plays two sides of a game; the company which is a provider today was once a client. So we have embarked an institution where a provider, a purchaser and a lead generator breathe under one roof, coming close and in direct contact with one another. This facilitates direct and easy dealings with acute transparency,” he voices.

Administered by the dynamic duo and a technical support team, this colossal concern is offering unique solutions to B2B Marketers, B2B Media And Agencies, B2B Lead Generation Companies, B2B Database Providers, Martech & AdTech and many others. To be of proper assistant to the audiences, it also hosts a knowledge base that puts up Blogs, Candid with Bob, ABM Thought Leaders, Resources, and News& Events. In short, TechConnetr can be defined as the central part of an atom around which all the other companies act as neutrons and protons that basically wheels around it. “We basically monitor everything from the number of leads generated to the number of leads rejected, performance and effectiveness of the vendors and buyers.

We are a platform that is making space for new partners to come close to each other and work. To go an extra mile ahead, we maintain a record of the companies that are performing well. This ranking system flashes their proficiency and help clients get in touch with the providers. In simple words, we provide a platform that provides the buyers and sellers with leads and focused mostly on the B2B industry,” he adds. Furthermore, the platform is completely based on machine learning, complementing the workflow, business development, facilitating time, product management and other such activities.

Over the years, Techconnectr has been successful in analyzing the state of circumstances that leads to the disconnection between companies and the clients. The long drawn out process involved in carrying out the marketing activities either leads to misinterpretation of facts or loss of information. For instance, if a company wants to achieve a particular result, it

communicates the piece of information to a media company which then transfers the message to a publisher or agency from where it travels to the lead gen provider. In this lengthy procedure, a lot of information is lost, misunderstood or inadequately communicated. The fallacy that dwells in the flow chain eventually ensues in the decline in the quality of the services as well as the end results.”The motion of the flow chain begins from the enterprises, lands up at media houses which are then passed to the publishers and at last reaches the lead gens or the aggregators. At every level of this string, there is a mislaying of data and statistics. This however foments in the curtailment in the quality of the products which results in the loss of money because such leads are sold to the end providers at relatively cheaper rates than usual. So basically, these factors are forming a crater in the out-and-out execution of this exercise.,” states Anuprit.

“Techconnector provides a two way platform where the exchanges of services are made easy and”

Breaking the Tough Break

In spite of the strong backbone, TechConnectr had to endure drove of challenges in its elementary stage. To pull the strings over such a massive venture and developing a platform that is technologically equipped was undeniably a Herculean task for the prime movers. “The entire journey has been tiring. Originating an enormous platform as this did call for extensive efforts. Developing a platform that is technically furnished and up to date is was and will always be a matter of concern for us. Apart from this, conveying our speciality to the audience and getting it approved or accepted was an onerous task as well,” he states.

However, the company has positively dealt with all sorts of difficult situation it has come across since the time its cornerstone were laid. Taking instances of how we have tackled the circumstances, we are now implementing the same to enable people to tackle the stumbling blocks and achieve the desired goal

TechConnectr has witnessed roaring success since the very beginning. Upto the present, it has launched a beta that had the potential of serving 25+ clients. It has on boarded 200+ companies and has delivered successful marketing campaigns to some of the top tier firms in the ecosystem. The establishment has the ability of delivering more than five lakh different types of leads catering the needs of various set ups belonging to diverse disciplines. As he says, “We had come a long way over the years. We have served the big names of the industry like IBM, Wipro, SAPM, internet security companies, and others. As far as our database section is concerned we have a massive partnership with some of the leading outfits. Ad out of all, our biggest milestone can be assumed to be the number of happy faces we have seen because of our services.”

What Lies Ahead

Taking into consideration the kind of success TechConnectr received in the market, its creators are planning to launch Beta 2 with the potential of serving 90+ clients and also introduce a global version of the same. Already serving customers from South Africa, Middle East, APAC, and the company is all set to strengthen and assist people all around the world. What’s more enrapturing is that both Anuprit and Bob are determined not to compromise on the ethics and quality of the services it has been providing, in fact are looking forward to ameliorate its value in the industry.

Areas Of Specialization

Enterprise B2B Marketers

TechConnectr enables access to best-of-breed b2b lead generation solution providers, publishers and b2b data providers.

Agencies and Media

Dozens of leading B2B marketers and agencies turn to TechConnectr to guide them through their media and lead gen selection process.

B2B Lead Generation Companies

It showcases lead generation services and capabilities to the right audience, helps in making the right selection and appropriately deliver services and solutions.

B2B Data Provider

TechConnectr works with the best-of-breed b2b database providers and help them get more business from serious business contacts database purchasers

MarTech & AdTech

TechConnectr assists every b2b marketers and media publishers increase their ROI. Displays ads, promote webinars, and update offers. Additionally, it allows clients to publish blogs, white papers, videos and case studies to the target audience and generate intent based leads

bob samuels mentioned in silicon india magazine for techconnectr as rainmaker in b2b lead generation and marketing world

Bob Samuels, Principal & Founder

As an analytics and business expert, Bob is implementing his knowledge and experience to optimize marketing and operational performance. During his tenure in the marketing industry, he has formulated and tended strategic relationships with some of the finest and marketing solution providers. He has conferred his knowledge and expertise to a number of clients including Dell, Salesforce, Marketo, Microsoft, and IBM. At QuinStreet and Ziff Davis/Salesify. He has also worked with the BigFour accounting and Fortune 500 in the industry. He has implemented his business astuteness to prompt favourable outcome for organizations. He is of the opinion that data (intelligence)and relationships are the key ingredient for a successful endeavour.

Anuprit Orse, COO & Co-Founder

A maestro of the business and management industry, Anuprit has been demonstrating excellence in originating marketing activities that has changed the facet of the sales operations and lead generation domains. He has put efforts in developing new opportunities and a platform that are connecting businesses which gradually accelerates its growth and advancement. As an aspiring entrepreneur, an influencer and a seed funder he lends a helping hand to budding enterprises. Availing his 15 years of cross functional experience, Anuprit has succoured the establishment of many successful ventures such as Prolific Sales Pvt. Ltd., SG Cubes Pvt. Ltd., Business Morphosis, and Creazione IT Solutions. Apart from this, he has also worked as an independent consultant to a number of companies ranging from startups to Fortune 1000 and helped them close deals with companies like HP, Xerox, AWS, Microsoft, Air Canada, Northrop Grumman, Cisco, SAP, Adobe & Honeywell AutomationBob is the guiding light of the lead gen industry. A rainmaker, he has the record of generating outstanding productivity and revenue for the companies he has worked for.