Lead Management

Consolidate, Normalize, Validate, Verify, Dedupe, Enrich, Score, and Route all your B2B leads in Minutes

With our all inclusive B2B Lead Management Suite


Everything you need to manage your leads

The new generation of our B2B Lead Management Solution incorporates the latest digital technology to help you better manage your CRM data. Through an intuitive interface, our tool enables you to determine the prospects that are most likely to convert into customers, and our automated intervention will ensure that leads do not fall through the cracks in your CRM system.

Suppression List Management

Easily manage your email suppression list


  • Add, remove and view suppressed customers, prospects, and competitors with just a few clicks. 
  • Our system allows you to create a suppression list, removing unwanted prospects from any campaign outreach. 
  • Once you have your desired list built, it can be exported in .csv format for integration with other systems or as a backup copy.
  • With our new suppression list management capabilities, you can easily add, update, search and export suppression records to any CRM or mailing application.
  • Leads from past campaigns can be suppressed over your chosen time period to ensure highest percentages of net-new prospects.
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Account Based Marketing

Spend less time qualifying leads and more time selling

  • TC manages your ABM target account list right from project definition to campaign planning, target selection, pipeline tracking, monthly reporting and much more.
  • We are helping businesses to embrace the ABM (Account Based Marketing) approach and apply it as an integrated part of their marketing strategy. 
  • Our platform allows you to manage your business customers on one single dashboard, analyze your customer groups and provide them with the desired content at the right time and through the most appropriate channels, thus optimizing your revenue from existing customers. 
  • Target accounts can be taken to specific target prospects and email addresses at the target companies.
  • With TC’s ABM solution you will be able to maximize the efficiency of your marketing budget by having a single source of truth about your target audience.

Data Deduplication

Keep your CRM free from duplicate records

  • We provide data deduplication services that allow you to save time, space and money by reducing the amount of storage space required for your data. 
  • We work with your current storage environment in place and leverage our proprietary technology to eliminate redundant blocks of data identical across multiple files and folders. 
  • TC provides a more complete solution for enterprise backup, archive and secondary storage because it eliminates duplication across all file types – not just text files.

Quality Assurance

Improve B2B lead generation efforts

  • TC provides B2B data quality assurance to businesses that need to accurately and reliably manage their prospects and contacts. 
  • Our services are designed to ensure you can efficiently contact your prospects, win new business, and improve sales acceptance rate of opportunities.. 
  • We help you sell more products and services by providing an efficient way for your customers to access their accounts; improving the accuracy of the information you collect; helping you improve retention efforts; 
  • We help you improve sales acceptance rates by offering insights that enable you to make better decisions and better sales outreach scripts. 
  • At any point in time, we are managing billions of records across 10000+ data platforms.

Leverage the most powerful B2B Lead Management Suite

A complete solution for Lead generation, nurturing and management

Central Database

The system captures information about each lead and puts that information into a central database where it can be used by marketers and salespeople alike

Lead Tracking

Tracks leads from the first moment they interact with your company until they become a customer


TC automates the lead gen cycle and makes it easier for the business to stay connected and follow up with potential customers as they move through the buying process

Analytics and Reporting

TC uses a centralized database to generate reports and dashboards so you can understand the process and optimize your lead generation strategy.

Convert More

Provides powerful intelligence that allow you to convert more leads into customers

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Lead Scoring

Lead Distribution

Lead Nurturing

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Lead Quality Assurance

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