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At TechConnectr we believe that it is important to set the lead generation strategies expectations in the beginning of the client relationship. The easier time a client has understanding and properly utilizing our services at their fullest potential, the more value they’ll get out of their partnership with us. This also helps to establish realistic lead generation expectations right from the beginning of the working relationship.

1. Understanding the Business Landscape
(current budget, allocations, vendors, types of leads, etc)

TechConnectr will understand the current engagement model that is being used and the lead generation results that are being delivered. Including the various nuances of pricing, types of leads, lead lifecycle, communication, delivery models and lead generation strategies.

understanding lead generation initiatives
understanding lead generation goals budgets and lead generation vendors

2. Expectation listing – new goals, budgets, experiments, types of leads, vendors etc

We will understand the expectations related to client’ goals, budgets, lead types, lead lifecycle, vendors, communication, delivery types, etc.

Understanding of your Business Landscape and Expectations will help TC draw up the Scope of Work (SOW)

3. TC SOW for understanding expected RESULTS

The TC SOW is designed to narrow down on the lead definition that is expected and to identify the “Success Criteria” for every campaign that is being allocated. It also captures the campaign specs, pricing, delivery methods and other ad-hoc/special requirements

lead generation campaign results lead generation campaign requirements
lead generation vendors lead generation campaign management lead generation campaign performance analysis

4. Sharing TC SOW with Vendors/Solution Providers/Companies

TC identifies the suitable vendors as per the SOW requirements. The TC SOW is shared with the SOW fit vendors to understand their ability to deliver and past track record.

SOW will be further widened to define the areas where the above specialists will function i.e. Lead generation campaigns, Lead generation campaign management, Lead gen campaign performance analysis and even further to the type of deliverable i.e. classification of generated lead by HQL/ MQL/SQL/ IQL/etc.

Similar SOW will be drawn up with other types of service providers – Telemarketing companies, Email marketing companies, Appointment setting companies, etc. – and only based on the Engagement Model.

5. Vendor Recommendations/Introduction

In case the client wants TC to refer/choose from the SOW fit vendors, we’ll internally shortlist vendors depending on their previous experience on similar campaigns, pricing, database availability etc to provide best fit vendors. (Vendor Grid reference)

lead generation vendor identification lead generation vendor selection
lead generation campaign knowledge transfer

6. Client – TC – Vendor knowledge transfer call. Process/Expectation Briefing

Once we have shortlisted vendors, TC will schedule knowledge transfer calls between client and the vendor to ensure the client knows who is going to work on their campaigns and HOW. This call also ensures that the vendor understands the requirement EXACTLY as mentioned/expected by client – there is Zero % Information Loss.

7. Technical Requirement fulfilment

This call/email is to make sure the vendor is geared up with apt technical stuff/knowledge to deliver the campaign as per client requirements.

lead generation technical requirements for vendors
testing lead generation campaign

8. Test Run

TC does a mandate 5 lead test to check the technical and practical implementation.

9. Pilot kick-off

Pilot is started ONLY after a GO from the client and based on the TEST RUN.

lead generation pilot campaign kick off
lead generation campaign expectation lead generation campaign results analysis calls and feedback

10. Daily pacing review

TC hosts and leads the daily review/pacing/feedback calls/emails to ensure the pilot is going as planned/expected. Campaign will be paused with immediate effect for any negative comment/feedback

11. Weekly Review calls. Mon-Projection – Fri-Realisation. Feedback/Appreciation

To keep the value & satisfaction levels high TC conducts PTR (projection to realisation) meetings. Weekly or bi-monthly. PTR meeting showcases the target set and target achieved numbers. It focuses on what went wrong, how to improve, what was right & how to scale up.

lead generation campaign analysis and strategy
lead generation campaign deliverables

12. Debrief post pilot delivery. With Client & Vendor separately

TC does a debrief meeting with both client & vendor after the pilot completion. Debrief helps TC with SWOT analysis of the vendors on that specific campaign basis which TC does smarter recommendations and it also helps the client to understand what value is being added by each vendor.

13. Improvisation call

If the pilot is successful and the client wants to take it to the next level, TC hosts an Improvisation call which highlights on scaling up of numbers & quality.

lead generation campaign success lead generation campaign improvements

14. New allocations/New vendor recommendations

Depending on client feedback, TC will either scale up operations with vendors who delivered the pilot OR recommend new vendors.

15. Bi-Monthly OR Monthly update/review/feedback/appreciation calls

lead generation campaign updates lead generation campaign review and feedback

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