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Our Services

All Under One Roof

B2B Lead Gen Management Platform / Services

Automate, Manage & Scale your Lead Gen Efforts


Transparent Best-of-Breed B2B Lead Gen Marketplace

Connect & Engage with B2B Marketers, Agencies & Solution Providers

End-to-End B2B Lead Gen Solutions

Get Ready-to-Buy Sales Leads

Exceeding Targets & Crushing Sales with TechConnectr

What Sets Us Apart

Advanced Targeting Strategies

We use custom targeting strategies like ABM, intent-based, and look-alike prospecting to reach emerging buyers.

Flexibility and Transparency Guaranteed

We are committed to maintaining a flexible and transparent relationship with our solution provider(s) and customer(s).

Lead Validation and Verification 

TechConnectr guarantees quality leads, providing double-cleaned data and a verification and validation process to ensure that the prospects are engaged and active leads.

A One-Stop Shop for B2B Lead Gen

TechConnectr offers an all-in-one B2B lead generation platform offering recommendations, onboarding, kick-offs, weekly files and communication and invoicing/payment features.

Finding the Right B2B Lead Gen Partner for Your Business

We help you partner with specialized solution providers who are custom-vetted to fit your needs.