When you start a business, reaching out to the right set of audience is crucial. B2B database providers help you in hitting that niche target group. The database you derive from should be a reliable source and most importantly, should understand your needs and target group. The B2B data provider should be able to connect you to the right set of people who might be interested in your product or service and/or were already searching for such products or services. Besides that, good database providers also keep track of changing market trends and changing preferences of the target group. Finally, they also should be able to provide with an up-to-date customer base and act as a bridge between what you provide and the target group’s needs.

Here are some top of the game and well-reputed B2B database providers you can depend upon for authentic customer base.

  1. BinaryClues

Clients: Cvent, Avaamo, Dell, HackerEarth, Enerparc.

BinaryClues is based out in Toronto, Canada and in Delhi, India. Equipped with years and years of experience, they aim to assist you to increase your sales by manifold. To begin with, they have a mailing list of numerous sectors such as aviation, aerospace & defence industry, IT decision makers, chemical industry, metals and mining industry, ERP users, HR executives, retail industry, publishing and printing industry, automobile and automotive industry, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and lots more. Apart from providing elaborate mailing global database lists, BinaryClues houses a team of adept marketing professionals with proficient marketing, lead generation and sales skills. They also have a reseller program for businesses who are up for selling data.

  1. InsideView

Clients: GoodData, Adobe, WeightWatchers, Dropbox, Hootsuite.

A top-notch leads database provider that has a strong reputation when it comes to delivering clean, accurate and curated data to its clients, InsideView knows no funny business and helps businesses banish unnecessary, unwanted and incorrect data. In addition, it flags old and incorrect pieces of information and replaces it with fresh and bona fide data. When it comes to database management and the interface, it is user-friendly as it grants access to identical data to your team which eliminates the scope of data conflict. It is a one-stop solution for all your lead generation, sales acceleration and marketing requirements.

  1. Infos B4B

Clients: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, Accenture.

With over 86 Million entries in their database collection they offer, you won’t have to think twice before choosing Infos B4B as your database provider. The services they extend are data cleansing, data appending, data management, email appending, reverse email appending and data hygiene. They also have C Level mailing lists ready-made for you. Unlike most players competing in the market, Infos B4B offers specially curated technology user lists such as Salesforce user list, AWS user list, Nextmark user list, PeopleSoft user list and much more. With a 90% deliverability rate, they provide everything you need for your marketing campaign.

  1. Thomson Data

Clients: Panasonic, The TAS Group, REG Scan, Taurus.

Uplift your marketing and sales strategy with a verified and accurate database by Thomson Data. With almost 9 years of experience up their sleeves, this data provider takes care of its clients by proffering data services in IT and other technology sectors, account profiling services and on-point technology insights. With an exceptional quality database of north of 200 Million companies, Thomson Data is a resourceful source you can rely on. They keep a track of technologies like cloud services, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

  1. Elist Hunters

Clients: Not Visible.

Curated industry based email lists – check. B2B lead lists – check. Telemarketing leads – check. What’s more is that they also proffer data appending service of infusing the missing pieces of datasets with accurate & current and relevant data. Add reverse appending and data cleaning to the checklist. Elist Hunters connects you to a potential customer base so your voice, in the market of millions, can be heard clearly. In addition to this, they also cover data analytics and B2B sales leads database for your business to convert as many as leads possible. They’ve funnelled out email lists for automotive industry, healthcare industry, insurance industry, travel industry, finance industry and manufacturing industry.

  1. Book Your Data

Clients: Allianz, Pepsi, Nestle, Bank of America.

Book Your Data gives you access to curated and verified contacts and mailing lists you can use to make yourself heard by the customer base you focus. Apart from offering mailing lists in sectors of healthcare and real estate, they offer an enormous database filtered and sorted according to job levels, job titles and job functions. Book Your Data can offer its reliable customer base of healthcare industry pharmaceutical industry, brokers, construction, building contractors, medical equipments, food and clothing manufacturers, restaurants, food stores, wholesale, college universities and much more. The best part about this data-seller is that it provides the actual files which are ready to be fed and collaborated in your CRM. They also claim a 95% deliverability rate with their customer contact base.

  1. Blue Mail Media

Clients: immixGroup, Coty Costco, Prime Therapeutics.

Whether you are a B2B/IT marketer, an event organizer, technology marketer or a healthcare marketer, database listicles from Blue Mail Media will be more than fruitful for your sales team and your overall business growth. How do we know they understand your needs? They extend their well-researched, assorted and verified list which is divided region-wise – APAC, Europe, Canada and the United States of America. They have expertise in data hygiene, email campaign, account intelligence, CRM data enrichment and data licensing. If you are a data reseller, Blue Mail Media has something for you as well as they have a Data Reseller Partnership Program.

  1. DataFox

Clients: Goldman Sachs, Accel, Bain & Company, LeanData, Outreach, TCV.

Acquired by Oracle, Datafox is a huge team of experts and professionals that is dedicated to providing you a large-scale database you can use to reach out to customer base and make strategic decisions. They have comprehensive data on more than 2.8 million individuals and private businesses. Also, they add approximately 1.2 million businesses annually to their extensive collection. They aim to create top-notch company-level data and insights that will enable customers to make even better decisions and obtain better business results. Apart from CRM clean up, data enrichment, TAM analysis and everything you can think of when it comes to data management, they also serve value services in the area of sales and marketing.

  1. B2B Scorpion

Clients: Salesforce, Accenture, IBM, Microsoft.

To withstand in the competitive market and the unpredictable market high-lows, you need a strong database provider who can bring you closer to your customer base to showcase what you have got to offer. B2B Scorpion is just that and much more. Their data lists cover a vast range of industries, come of which are healthcare, finance, sports, technology and real estate to begin with. Seasoned executives, professionals, experts and strategists at this popular database provider bring to you their conditioned list building, SIC code matching, data enrichment, data appending, reverse data appending, B2B telephone number appending and NCOA services. Their email marketing services, such as direct mail marketing service, lead generation service and list building service, are spectacular too.

  1. Global Email Lists

Clients: Not Visible.

Global Email Lists is one of the most trusted professional email database provider in the business. When your pro marketing campaigns join hands with their humongous data solutions and marketing perceptions, that is when you can reach out to your niche audience and carve out a great deal of profit. Health, real estate, travel, hospitality, education and finance are some of the various sectors and industries they provide accurate and efficient email database access for. Apart from emails, they also offer their expertise in multichannel marketing campaigns. Still not convinced? You can check out the free database sample they hand out!

  1. FrescoData

Clients: RAK Porcelain, HP, Google, Dun & Bradstreet, Cognex, The Economist Group.

They are one of the pinnacle players in the business. Why you ask? Because they maintain a customer database of B2B contacts from about 60 countries This database feeds itself every month to every 3 months which helps them maintaining accurate information on currently active or inactive companies in the database. They extend their customer and business database lists sorted by countries, industries, job roles and magazine subscribers. Along with lists, they data licensing, data validation, risk assessment and identity verification, data appending and enhancement, big data, event and strategic consulting services.

  1. Unique Databases

Clients: LMS Technologies, GoodShotz.

If your business is based in India or if you are targeting Indian customers, Unique Databases is your solution. They have covered precise and faultless detailed data from every popular and potential city, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and many many more. This isn’t it. They don’t just have C Level database, if you need a database of purchase managers, HR professionals, doctors, IT professionals, chartered accountants or even architects and interior designers, they have got you covered. This is THE customer database provider you should opt for if you are looking for carefully filtered lists like PAN India student database, frequent flyer database, car owner database, stockbroker database, the list just goes on. They might even offer you free sample data as per your business. To sum it up, they are more than willing and committed to giving you the opportunity to scale up your sales rate.

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