Creating a website and social media profiles might be enough to make your presence felt in the market but to generate leads for your business and convert them into monetary profit will be challenging and will need additional consistent efforts. Though there is no fixed formula for what might work for you as it varies from business to business, but trying different permutations and combinations of certain lead generation tools, methodologies and approaches will bring you close to the goal. These online lead generation tools and software platforms aid your business growth by helping you captivate and convert leads on a large scale.

Email Marketing, Email Collector and Contact Form Tools

1. MailChimp

Planning a bulk mail strategy for your digital marketing mix? MailChimp allows you to send out 12,000 mails and lets you store up to 2000 contacts. All of this for free. After this, paid plans are available. It is one of the most popular, feasible and user-friendly lead gen tool. It is also used for email automation and using it is simple because of it’s drag-and-drop email builder.

Pricing – Free. Upward of 12,000 mails, paid plans applicable at $10 a month.

2. Mailtester

Have a list of email addresses that won’t work but don’t know why? Mailtester might have an answer for you. It allows you to check if an email address exists, though it won’t be accurate all the time as some servers block email authentication and verification tests.

Pricing – Free.

3. Yet Another Mail Merge

Yet Another Mail Merge, or YAMM, has made email campaign management easier. Along with personalizing and tracking bulk emails, YAMM also aids in tracking email opens that ultimately helps in follow ups. As it is an extension of Google Sheets, comprehending data is simple and the interface is user-friendly.

Pricing – 50 mails per day for free. Paid plans start at $24. Referral program established to earn more free mails.

4. Sumo

To build a wide network of contacts, creating a form is essential. The forms on your website can appear as pop-ups, welcome mat pop-ups that appear as soon as a visitor lands on your website and slide-in pop-ups. Sumo offers all of the above features. It is a popular and trusted tool for capturing emails. It is one of the best lead generation tools that also allows you to add a floating share button to your page.

Pricing – Free (limited features). Paid plans start from $29


5. Convert Plus

It is another widely used tool for creating pop-up forms and is offered as a WordPress plugin. In addition to building attractive forms visitors can’t say no to, Convert Plus has a lot more to offer. You can even launch exit pop-ups, pop-ups at a certain percentage of page scroll and times pop-ups.

Pricing – Plans start at $24.

6. Turnstile

Developed by Wistia, Turnstile is one of those best online lead generation tools that lets you cumulate emails and other information from the visitors who watch your videos on your website. It is a simple and sophisticated form that appears at the end (or at the beginning or in between, wherever you like!) of the video so you can convert this engaged visitor into a lead, and ultimately, a revenue generating loyal customer.

Pricing – Free for first 3 videos. Paid plan starts at $99 a month.

7. Leadfeeder

Got a form on your website to collect e-mail and other contact details? Great. But what about those huge chunk of visitors who never fill the form? Leadfeeder has got you covered, all you need is Google Analytics and Leadfeeder will tell you what companies you’ve been visited by in the last 30 days. It can now be integrated with LinkedIn and MailChimp for a broader and deeper insight.

Pricing – The Lite version is free (limited features). Paid plans start at $53 per month (2 weeks free trial available)

CRMs and Complete Marketing Automation Tools

8. Lead Forensics

Apart from getting information (business Name, contact Information, demographics, search behaviour and financial data) about visitors who don’t fill the contact form, Lead Forensics promises that you won’t ever miss out on a potential lead by flagging a big player’s visit, triggering instant notifications and auto-assigning the leads.

Pricing – Offers a free trial. You can analyse your needs and request a quote.

9. Growbots

This one is for those who know what their target market is and want to hit the bull’s eye. Growbots is one of those lead gen tools that helps marketing and sales teams reach out to hundreds of potential leads within a matter of minutes from a database of a north of 200 million prospects. It is the solution if you need to reach out to target group in minimum time and follow up according to their response.

Pricing – Contact vendor for quote

Sales Lead Generation Tools

10. Salesforce

When it comes to sales lead generation tools, Salesforce is no doubt the best in business. It is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform that helps you contact and analyse customers and understand their needs before they do. The system gives you a complete brief of their past calls, purchases and everything you need to comprehend their next move! It provides you a range of sales and marketing tools that you can use to manage a lead, customers and your sales team through one platform – Salesforce.

Pricing – Has various plans for different types of users starting from $25 and offers a 30 day free trial.

11. Pipedrive

Would you like your every interaction with every potential customer tracked at one platform with utmost simplicity? If the answer is yes, then Pipedrive is the lead generation tool you are looking for. It’ll help you set targets and keep your team’s goals aligned with your company. Pipedrive tracks every call and every email, and ultimately helps you follow up with prospective clients and customers.

Pricing – Paid plans start at $12.50 per month. They offer a free trial as well.

12. Hubspot Sales

While Hubspot is an all-rounder in the field of lead generation tools as it offers a content management system, customer relationship management and marketing tools for small businesses under one roof, Hubspot also offers a great deal of features for all those sales driven companies. To make interaction convenient and easier with potential customers, Hubspot offers features like ready email templates for outreach as well as follow-ups.

Pricing – Free (limited features). Paid plans start at $50 per month.

Communication Tools

13. Drift

Communication is the key and the creators of Drift understand the importance of it. Drift is a live chat tool that helps you talk to people visiting your website. Using this systematic tool, you can ask them about their needs and offer assistance accordingly.

Pricing – Free (limited features). Paid plans start at $50 monthly.

Advertising Tools

14. AdWords

AdWords, also known as Google Ads, is one of the best online lead generation tools. It is one of the best as it can be aimed exactly to potential and target market. As AdWords service displays the advertisements on user’s screen only when they search for related keywords and terms, it makes the ads relevant to them. This increases the chances of that searchers visiting your website manifold.

Pricing – Setting up the ad campaigns is free. You pay only for the clicks you get on your ad.

15. Facebook Ads

Advertising on social media site like Facebook is another tactic you can use to attract leads. There are about 1.09 billion (probably more) daily active users on Facebook. Knowing this statistic, do you still want to leave out Facebook ad campaign out of your lead generation marketing mix? Utilize this humongous traffic source and direct them towards your growing business via Facebook ads.

16. AdRoll

If you want to understand how your display ads, email campaigns and social ad campaigns are working out together and want a deep and thorough insight on how can you perform better, AdRoll is your solution. It will help you analyse and comprehend your ROI on these campaigns together so that you can make modifications and adjustments accordingly.

Pricing – starting from $1000 a month.

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