Campaign Management Platform

Build, Manage, Track, Measure & Optimize B2B Campaigns

With our all inclusive B2B Campaign Management Suite

Everything you need to run your Campaigns

From winning RFP to vendor selection and replacement, all the way through onboarding & analytics, invoicing and more.

Active Campaign Dashboard,Actionable Campaign Data in a simple format

  • The all new integrated campaign dashboard presents critical campaign metrics in a simple format. 
  • View your campaign results in the same place that you manage your entire marketing plan – right in your dashboard. 
  • View key metrics such as conversions, impressions, ROI, and lead-to-sale data across all devices. See which campaigns are working best and see them with real time data.

Campaign Notebook

Organize all of your campaigns, projects, and initiatives

  • Keep track of your campaigns and unified communications efforts, participate in projects with your customers, and make yourself more efficient with TC’s Campaign Notebook.
  • It contains all of your campaign materials – So no more searching through email drafts, pages inside of multiple notebooks just to find your campaign-related information. 
  • TC’s Campaign Notebook has everything you need to track and execute your campaign, such as:-
    1. Campaign Briefs – Project Plan and Work Breakdown Structure
    2. Tasks – TO-DOs and Deliverables
    3. Reports – Meeting Minutes and Budget Report
    4. Goals & Objectives -Team Roles & Responsibilities and more.

Vendor Recommendation, Identification & Replacement

Identify the right vendor for your B2B business

  • Our matching engine takes the hard work out of vendor recommendation, identification and replacement. 
  • Speed up your B2B Sales process and free up valuable resources by avoiding untrustworthy vendors. 
  • We have extensive experience and knowledge of hundreds of assistive technology companies, including B2B vendors. 
  • We can also help you evaluate, select and buy from the best assistance tech companies on your list with clear explanations of what each vendor can do. We will research your needs and locate the most appropriate vendor to fit your exact business needs based on specifications you provide.

Campaign A/B testing

Test, learn and adapt

  • TC’s Campaign A/B testing is a powerful yet simple tool to improve your B2B campaigns. 
  • Test variations of imagery, text and designs that you can use to take your sales funnel to the next level.
  • It allows you to easily test different versions of your messaging and landing pages in advance of launching any new campaigns. This helps you to discover what works and will ultimately save you time and money in the long term.
  • Discover a steady and measurable flow of interest, requests and conversions. Increase sign ups, follow up requests and close more deals.

Leverage the most powerful B2B Campaign Management Suite

End-to-end campaign management, intelligent automation & optimized reporting

Campaign Management

From the inception of the campaign and specs – to the successful delivery of the campaign; keeping the success criteria intact.


The software has a host of functionalities such as Campaign Pipeline, RFP Dashboard, RFI/RFP Closer, SSO Support, & more.


Your campaign management teams can now become even more effective and profitable because they have complete visual control over the entire process from start to finish.

Business Intelligence

Collaborative business intelligence, data collection & sharing with built-in analytics, mapping and vendor selection tools.

Embedded Analytics

It is embedded with industry best practices including built-in visualizations, reporting and analytics.

Single Powerful Dashboard

Access campaign critical data from within the same user interface and ensure everyone has visibility into important business objectives.

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Virus and Spyware Removal

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Network Design

Cloud Services

Cyber Security

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