Campaign and Performance Analytics Platform

Capture, track, and analyze B2B campaign data 

Optimize sales strategies and drive performance across all sales channels.

Everything you need to analyze and improve your campaigns

Our B2B Campaign and Performance Analytics solutions combine the power of algorithms, predictive modeling, and Al to transform data into actionable insights.

Performance Analytics

Accurately track and monitor your lead gen campaign efforts

The TC platform combines web analytics, online marketing and lead scoring into a single solution allowing businesses to make smarter decisions based on timely, actionable insights derived from every prospect interaction.

Our solution is an integrated technology platform that delivers visibility into the performance of your B2B lead gen campaign initiatives, through the use of various analytics, such as funneling and attribution models.

This insight provides you and your sales teams with the ability to identify previously hidden opportunities on a segmented level and increase closed business by making informed decisions to optimize future campaigns.

What’s in it for you?

  • Understand your buyers’ journey
  • Segment your audience
  • Improve ROI on Marketing Spend
  • Improve Campaign Performance
  • Increase Conversions

Leverage the most powerful B2B Lead Gen Campaign Performance Analytics Solution

Connect marketing to revenue opportunities by tracking metrics that matter

Measure Key Metrics

Measure campaign performance by type, channel, or target audience.

CPC Indicator

Know what is driving financial performance and identify cost per conversion for each opportunity stage.

Single Dashboard

Gain a unified view of lead gen campaign performance with all your data in one place.

Decision Making

Make smarter decisions on campaign effectiveness with the ability to drill down into specific campaigns and programs, and get detailed information by opportunity stage.

Effective Campaign Planning

Build more effective, targeted campaigns with real-time data to track progress and make adjustments mid-flight.

Measure ROI

With our  Performance Analytics solution, you can make informed decisions about how your B2B marketing campaigns are performing, by knowing exactly where your leads are coming from and how each B2B lead generated is converting into revenue for your company.

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