What is ABMi?

ABMI™ or Account-Based-Market-Intelligence™ is a pioneered methodology focused on discovering revenue opportunities.

The Global business scenario is under pressure for Revenue-Growth like never before. Traditional sales methods such as cold calling, buying data and using spreadsheets are preventing businesses from winning new customers effectively.

New and stricter regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) haven’t helped the cause of building databases of leads to outreach. Much of Business Development team’s time is being spend in trying to decipher Market Research instead of focusing on Business Development. The ROI of marketing campaigns is drastically reducing.

ABMi™ provides optimum and disruptive solutions to almost all of the above challenges. It is a strategic approach to winning clients by adapting a deadly combination of:

1.Approaching key Accounts through focused marketing for better outreach.

2.Applying market intelligence insights to build relevancy for a possible sale.


What does ABMiTM deliver?

The ABMi™ approach delivers Revenue Opportunities that are broadly categorized into:

  • Research Qualified Leads™ or RQLs™.
  • Other categories of Research based Leads (like Research-based MQLS, HQLs, SQLs).

“Research Qualified Leads™” or RQLs™ are hyper-qualified leads generated for the highest possible sales-conversion. A Research qualified Lead™ is basically a Sales-Lead that is nurtured beyond the regular lead-generation activity. It is an outcome of:

  • Actionable Research Insights that establish a rationale for a sales-transaction to happen.
  • Primary Research activity that delves into the opportunity mapping for a prospect.
  • Analyst intervention to build “solutioning” to a prospect.
  • Competitive benchmarking analysis to cater to the critical success factors.

Traditional ABM Lead Funnel  Vs  Research-Qualified Lead Funnel Powered by ABMiTM

abmi funnel